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Meet our history

Our History

Banana World Green S.A. was created to offer bananas and tropical fruits on global demand. With experience gained from 1960, we have achieved to establish our relationship based on trust, as a result of our consistency and hardwork

Our products are supported by 20 years of experience commercializing popular brands, and our quality is always improving to guarantee both our farmers and suppliers.

Looking up to the future, we only accept top quality standards for fresh fruit export. For bananas, plantains, pineapple and other tropical fruits, we have qualified staff, secure transportation of fruits, and packaging controls, that makes every shipment a serious business.


Company Overview


To lead the top export companies of Ecuadorian bananas, giving our clients a healthy and delicious product, enhancing our social aspects and creating a friendly environment process that guarantees our sustainability in our production and commercializing phase. This way our company takes part for a better society.


To become leaders as a bananas export company in our country, fulfilling the strictest quality parameters. Becoming a model for production in the worldwide market, offering a serious business with responsibility to our international partners.


Quality policies

We put in practice our long experience in farming and bananas production, following the world´s manual for bananas production and export. Taking advantage of our country's leadership in bananas exportation, BANANA WORLD GREEN S.A. have managed to accomplish the highest quality requirements in global fresh fruit business making us recognized by the competitive market. “We as Banana World Green will be keeping our priorities with solidity and responsibility, always compromised with our clients and suppliers.”


Banana World green

Premium Quality

mi poti bananas

Our brand PREMIUM identifies us worldwide for its quality.

Melly Bananas

We have also developed, with the same philosophy, new brands for new markets.